Deep Space 3D Screensaver

Deep Space 3D Screensaver

Deep Space 3D Screensaver will take you on a journey to distant planets

Would you like to be one of the fortunate ones that have taken a trip to outer space? Would you like to observe distant galaxies and unexplored planets?
With Deep Space 3D Screensaver, you will begin a journey to magnificent planetary systems as well as mysterious nebulas and all kinds of space artifacts of unknown origin.

Wonder around the galaxy or stay for a while watching meteorites soar by.
There's so much to see that probably your whole life will not be enough to explore all the breathtaking beauty of space!

Deep Space 3D Screensaver is so realistic and is so detailed that you will surely forget that you are at home or at work! You will definitely feel like an astronaut discovering new worlds and, who knows, maybe some new life forms that you can't even imagine!

To complete the scene, this amazing screensaver comes with wonderful music to enhance the experience.

And, you can also include your favorite music to accompany you in your journey to the unknown! This can become one of the most memorable experiences.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very realistic
  • Excellent graphics


  • The movement is sometimes a little slow
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